Congratulations! to all the runners of Parinee Juhu Half Marathon'19.

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  • For Rotary Get Fit Run (4km) - an applicant needs to be of 12 years or more on the date of race, i.e. born on or before 9th February, 2007.
  • For 10km run - an applicant needs to be of 15 years or more on the date of race, i.e. born on or before 9th February, 2004.
  • For Half Marathon (21.097km) run - an applicant needs to be of 18 years or more on the date of race, i.e. born on or before 9th February, 2001.
  • Only one application can be made for the event using a single form. Do not send more than one entry per person. Multiple applications from the same applicant -will entail his/her applications being rejected.
  • Applicants must submit their entries only via the Application Modes given in this Application form. No Individual/Group has been authorized to collect entries on behalf of the Organizers.
  • Group entries will be accepted for the Half Marathon (21.097km)/ 10km / Rotary Get Fit Run (4km) race categories. Please contact us on [email protected] for details.
  • Filled in details against all mandatory fields prefixed with '*' in the application form;
  • Please put your complete address for the BIB delivery. Organiser will not be responsible for the failure of delivery in case of wrong / incomplete address
  • Attached a copy of your latest colour passport sized photograph on the form;
  • Attached a copy of your Govt. issued Photo ID proof, i.e. either Passport, Driving License, Election Card, PAN Card or Aadhaar Card.
  • Refer to the fee chart for correct -application fees.
  • Signed the 'waiver' in the application form.
  • Verification of the minimum age eligibility criteria for the chosen race category.
  • Confirmed participant's identity and proof of residence may be verified by a verification agency hired for validating the details provided by you in the form.
  • If any discrepancy is found in any of the mandatory fields, your application will not be accepted.
  • On entry confirmation Half Marathon (21.097km run), 10km runners will be further classified into age categories for the event and the prize money. For more information log on to the event website
  • Foreigners residing in India who wish to participate and be eligible for the prize money have to produce valid proof of long term residency in India. The prize money will be given in Indian Rupees only.
  • Valid email id is mandatory for all race participants. Email confirmations will be sent to all the participants only on the email id written on the application form.
  • Requests for cancellation and refund will not be entertained.
  • No request for change in race category will be entertained. Be careful while selecting your race category at the time of registration.
  • BIB's Will be delivered at your given address by courier which is mentioned in the registration form.
  • Organisers will not be responsible for the failure of delivery in case of wrong / incomplete address.
  • All Half Marathon (21.097km run), 10km run participants' race day images will be screened visually after the race and if any of the participant is found not wearing the running number BIB allotted to him/her, the participant registered for that BIB will be disqualified from the race.

    This application form and the right to participate in the event and the rights and benefits available to the applicant under this entry form is at the sole discretion of the Event Organizer - Parinee Juhu Half Marathon Organizing Committee and cannot be transferred to any other person under any circumstances. Only the applicant shall be entitled to the rights and benefits arising out of such confirmation of participation.

    Parinee Juhu Half Marathon Organizing Committee reserves right to amend, vary or delete any of the above rules and introduce new rules. The organizers reserve the right to reject any application without assigning any reason whatsoever.
Qualifier for Major Marathon's
Route Map 21k Route Map 10k Route Map 4k

Route Certified by AIMS - Association of International Marathon. Timing Certificate valid for Major Marathons.

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